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Save energy automatically

Control your lights, aircon and any other devices,
then automate them to run only when your facilities are in use with our in-built facility management and facility automation system.

Control & Automate

Control and Automate

Allocate any device to the space that you need to control; devices can be lights, aircon units, window blinds, or any device you wish to also automate.


When used together with bookings, you can group devices together and automate them with scenes, such that lights and aircon can be automatically turned on before a meeting and turned off after it is over.

Control & Automate

Monitor and Optimize

Allocating space to multiple organisations is a challenge when accounting for the utilization of space and energy.


Facilities can be integrated with sensors to monitor occupancy and energy consumed.


Aggregated data from these sensors gives useful utilization analytics that makes it possible to optimize usage for your organization and even track resource allocation in a co-working space.

Monitor & Optimize
Monitor & Optimize

Integrate with More Solutions

Allocating resources can differ for each organization.


For instance, one organization may prioritize sustainability reporting, while another focuses on calendar syncing.


The availability of pre-integrated solutions on our platform enables you to choose when to activate modules for only the solutions that you require.

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