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Awesome Experience

Awesome experience

Issue access passes, manage your facilities and assets, control and automate devices in your premises, monitor and optimize utilization, all with ease and convenience.


Tag and Scan Anything

Allocate a QR code or NFC tag to any facility or asset to unlock unprecedented convenience. For instance, you can scan a tag to open a door, and scan to book a space or see who has currently booked it.


You can also scan to check-in at a location for security rounds or attendance-taking. Scan an asset to see its maintenance status and submit a feedback if the asset is a faulty equipment.

Tag & Scan

Remote Control for Facility Managers

Allocate doors and devices to your Facility Managers (FM) and they will thank you for making their lives easier.


Especially for large organizations with many facilities in multiple locations, FMs can now remotely control the lights, aircon, door access, and any other connected devices without running from one location to another.

Remote Control

Manage Everything Everywhere Anytime

Allocate facilities, assets and tenants with ease. Start with a floor plan, import a spreadsheet of facilities and assets, and you will get a report of possible devices to install and automate, as well as pre-integrated solutions you may need.


You can then choose to implement them in phases, collect data and gain insights from analytics to optimize usage along the way.

Manage Eveywhere
Manage Anywhere
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