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Utilize your space better with our advanced facility booking system. This enables your employees to book desks, meeting rooms or any other facility whenever they need to be in office.

Book Any Space

Book Any Kind of Space

Allocate any kind of space for your employees to book; a space can be a desk, a meeting room, a quiet booth, a studio, a lab, or any facility you may have.


Bookings can be done anytime anywhere, either ad-hoc or with a long term lease.


You can also control availability by setting bookable periods, blocked periods and have admin overrides.

Book Space

Share Space With Other Organisations

Allocate shared space with other organisations

to maximise space utilization together with your partners.

Larger organizations with facilities in several locations can benefit from interdepartmental sharing of bookable facilities.


Whereas smaller organisations can complement each other’s facilities by making them accessible and available for their employees to book.

Share Space
Share Space

Differentiate Availability and Set Quotas

Allocating available space becomes less challenging when you can differentiate availability and limit usage by quotas.


For instance, you can make the conference room available for booking only to senior management. You can also prioritize booking time by setting different quotas of booking hours to different groups of employees.

Set Quotas
Set Quotas
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