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No more key cards

Losing your physical key card can be costly, and time-consuming to revoke its access and re-issue a replacement card.


There is also a high chance that by then, someone would have picked up the lost key card and gained access to your facilities.

Our advanced door access system will fix that for you!

Face ID

Your Private Face ID

Allocate digital passes are accessible only via biometric face recognition on your phone, thus making it impossible for someone else to use your access pass.


Unlike biometric face recognition locks, there is no need for your company to capture your face, your face data is kept private on your device.


Geofenced Access Log

Allocate door controllers can be geofenced to ensure that your doors can only be opened when you are in the vicinity, thus making it impossible for someone to enter your premises unnoticed.


Together with an access log and door sensor, you can trace historically who and when a person had entered your premise, and whether the door was closed right after entry.

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Geofenced Access

Time-gated Access Sharing

Allocate access to your visitors by generating time-limited share links, which will notify you once your guest has arrived and had unlocked the door.


When used together with a facility booking, you can further limit visitor access to the actual time and duration of your meeting in the booked facility.

Time Gating
Time-gated access
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