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Turn empty rooms into revenue

Un-utilized and under-utilized spaces are revenue streams waiting to be unlocked. If you are not downsizing your space, why not try to monetize them?

Allocate offers you intricate control over your spaces with a private room booking system and a public space booking system for long term use and ad-hoc events.

Host Events

Host Events

Allocate your space for events; you can host your own events or rent your space out to an event organizer.


Easily set the booking price and conditions for your event space, as well as issue and sell NFT passes to events.


Event organizers can then scan the attendee’s NFT pass QR code with the Allocate app to register their attendance.


List Spaces for Public Booking

Allocate your space for public booking, be it a meeting room, a studio, a cozy movie room or a work study pod, if your space is already available for your employees to book, it is available for the public to book too, at a price determined by you.


With pre-integrated payment methods supporting credit card and PayNow payments, you can start public bookings for off-peak and even after office hours.

Public Booking
Public Booking

Manage Your Attraction

Allocate memberships easily with NFT passes. If you are running an attraction, such as a museum, art gallery, or amusement park, there is a simpler way to manage your members.


Our platform grants your members a digital membership NFT pass to enter your premise by scanning it at the gantry. Your members can also enjoy perks by scanning their pass with your merchant partners on the platform.

Manage Attraction
Manage Attractions
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